Research Paper: Criminal behavior of abused victims

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Research Paper: Criminal behavior of abused victims

Understanding the psychology of adults who were abused during their childhood is very important in knowing the causes of their criminal behavior. Sigmund Freud thought that much of people’s conscious behavior is determined by unconscious influences of which they are unaware. “A reaction from the over-estimation of the quality of consciousness becomes the indispensable preliminary condition for any correct insight into the behavior of the psychic life.” (Freud 2011) Psychoanalysis is theorized by him and is divided into three conditions from which a crime is committed. Under Freud’s hypothesis, there are the existence of an id, ego, and superego. “Freud later categorized his conceptions of the conscious and unconscious into three categories — the id, ego, and superego.

The conscious state was called the ego, while the id and superego were the two unconscious states” (Hunter & Dantzker, 2002). The id is the sexual force, the ego is the mental explanation, and the superego is conscience and its ability to distinguish things from right and wrong. The Freudian ideas in regards to clarification of a crime, discussed how an individual’s unhappy memories from childhood play an important role in his future actions. Now when we apply Freud’s theory to the case of adults who were abused in their childhood and are involved in criminal behaviors, we will find it clearly that these adults’ childhood distress has a role in their actions.

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