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Custom Academic Paper: Communicative Capitalism

Communicative Capitalism Jodi Dean develops the concept of ‘communicative capitalism’ to theorize the role of communication technologies and practices in the production of neoliberal globalization. What does she mean by this term? How does she use it to consider the transformation of the meaning of democracy?

Custom Academic Paper: Depression Recovery

Depression Recovery The combined effort of the physicians, patients, and the patient’s family members is vital towards achieving full remission. It is necessary for a skilled physician to take the patient through the available treatment options, for the patient to choose the one that suits them best. Studies have shown that patient’s preferences have a…
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Academic Paper: What is Competitive Advantage

What is Competitive Advantage? Competitive advantage is the advantage that a firm possesses over its competitors (Porter, 1985). This advantage allows the firm to generate greater sales or margins. The company is also able to retain more customers than its competitors. This way, the company is able to get an edge over its rivals. The…
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Academic Paper: The Doctrine of Product Liability

The Doctrine of Product Liability In regard to this scenario, defendants are strictly liable to Jonson. The investigation identified that the seat belt anchor was both inadequate to sustain the forces involved in restraining a person during a crash and had been installed in a manner that increases the likelihood of failure during a crash.…
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Academic Paper: The US and Brazilian Culture

The US and Brazilian Culture The U.S.A has a UAI of 46 compared to that of Brazil; 76. Such an enormous disparity suggests that the U.S.A is more lapsed when it comes to taking a business risk and conducting business in uncertain environments. Brazil portrays a relatively low individualism/collectivism index of 38, compared to U.S.A’s…
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Academic Paper: Critical Incidents in Addictions Counselling

Critical Incidents in Addictions Counselling In the book Critical Incidents in Addictions Counselling, the Gerald and Virginia (2005) talk about the different scenarios and situations that counsellors usually have to deal with. The chapters present the various challenging cases that usually out the counsellors in a dilemma when dealing with the clients. Reading through the…
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Academic Paper: End of Cold War

End of Cold War As the Cold war came to an end in the late 1950’s and 1960’s, the alliances formed in the European nations continued to grow weak. France started to look for closer relations with the neighboring Eastern Europe. Romania left the Soviet Union policy. The U.S continually got into conflicts with its…
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Academic Paper: The Behavioral Theory

The Behavioral Theory As proclaimed by Douglas McGregor, the behavioral theory focuses mainly on what the leaders need to actually do in their leadership positions (Stogdill, 1994). It focuses less on the qualities of the leader. John F Kennedy had a definable behavior. His priorities in leading the nation were categorized according to what was…
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Cultural Dimensions Portrayed by USA and Brazil

Cultural Dimensions Portrayed by USA and Brazil Having explored the cultural dimensions portrayed by both USA and Brazil, especially Brazil, it is essential to focus on the implications of cultural differences of USA’s endeavors of penetrating the Brazilin market. Eddleman (2000) gives a detailed background on Brazil-U.S. economic ties.

Academic Paper: Portrayal of Families in the Media

Portrayal of Families in the Media The 1970’s witnessed a great change in the portrayal of families in the media through the televisions. The televisions took a new twist in the portrayal of the family as it became more diverse. However, the television broadcasts did not entirely represent all the American families. There was the…
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