Territorial Expansion after American Independence

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Territorial Expansion after American Independence

After acquiring independence from Britain and becoming an independent country, the United States started its objectives of expansion and added to its territory seven times which resulted in two border adjustments that comprised of colonies of the United Kingdom and Spain. This envisaged the handling and settling of several small territorial disputes. This expansion resulted in the acquisition of territory which America added 37 new States to the original 13 states making America a country with 50 states. The overall example that was obvious in this was an obviously territorial expansion which resulted in statehood.  The two states that expanded considerably were Nevada and Missouri while five other states which included Georgia, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Texas, and Virginia actually had to give up some territory for forming a new state.

Comparing this expansion with the time that America became a new country, this expansion generated a lot of wealth for America which eventually lead it to become the richest and most powerful country in the world. If the United States had confined itself to its original 13 states it would have been just another country and not in the position that it has held since the First World War. The expansion also helped because gold had been discovered in Nevada which brought in a lot of wealth and caused the state to grow significantly. The acquisition of new territory also prevented overpopulation and people started moving to other newly acquired states to raise livestock, cultivate the land and help the United States grow richer and stronger

Conservatism balanced with Liberalism has been the major factor in the growth and progression of the United States. Liberal economic policies and liberal attitudes encourage equal opportunity for all citizens while conservatives believe that it is the constitutional duty of the incumbent government to prevent the spread of social ills and evils for the protection of individual and collective human rights. Liberals believe that it is the government’s responsibility to make it possible for a business to generate jobs so that no citizen is in need because the government is solving his/her problems. Compared to this, conservatives believe that people should always exercise personal responsibility and limit their dependence on the government. They believe that protectionism is bad for the economy and business and the main job of the government should be good governance and national defense.  Conservatives believe that it is the job of the government to ensure the freedom of the people that will give them the freedom to pursue their own goals.

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