Territorial Expansion Of America

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Territorial Expansion Of America

After acquiring independence from Britain and becoming an independent country, the territorial expansion of America added to its territory seven times which resulted in two border adjustments that comprised of colonies of the United Kingdom and Spain. This envisaged the handling and settling of several small territorial disputes. This expansion resulted in the acquisition of territory which America added 37 new States to the original 13 states making America a country with 50 states. The overall example that was obvious in this was an obviously territorial expansion which resulted in statehood.  The two states that expanded considerably were Nevada and Missouri.

The territorial expansion of America included five other states which included Georgia, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Texas, and Virginia actually had to give up some territory for forming a new state.  Comparing this expansion with the time that America became a new country, this expansion generated a lot of wealth for America which eventually lead it to become the richest and most powerful country in the world. If the United States had confined itself to its original 13 states it would have been just another country and not in the position that it has held since the First World War. The expansion also helped because gold had been discovered in Nevada which brought in a lot of wealth and caused the state to grow significantly.

After the territorial expansion of America during the 1840’s, Americans liked the idea of acquiring new territories and land because this enabled many proponents of slavery to expand and acquire more land so that they could buy more slaves and earn more money.  The acquisition of new territory also prevented overpopulation and people started moving to other newly acquired states to raise livestock, cultivate the land and help the United States grow richer and stronger. Some Americans even had grand ideas of expanding their territories from the Caribbean to Brazil.

The territorial expansion of America gave birth to ambitious ideas that were encouraged by many slave owners. The president of the United States during that period was Franklin Pierce who had been supported by advocates of slavery and he attempted to appease his supporters by not passing any anti-slavery legislation. The expansion of America grew as it acquired new territories by forcing the natives to move from lands that they wanted to cultivate. It also annexed large swaths of land that belonged to Mexico because the Mexican government did not possess the military might to challenge the expansionists.

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