Teaching plan for nurses

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Teaching plan for nurses

The first thing is Identify the title of the teaching plan such as Healthcare Delivery System or something similar. Be specific in describing the target audience; because is their introduction to the health care program.  Next, make what will be taught and the amount of time allotted to the teaching plan for this topic. For this assignment, you can either choose to do a specific one-class topic or broaden it to be a full course. In your description of the course, be specific. This is a 2-hour lecture on aseptic technique for first-semester BSN students. This will be the only exposure to an aseptic technique for the student. Learning Objectives.

The course objective must have a broader conclusion, whereas the unit objective is specific to the content being taught in this teaching plan. The unit objectives flow from the course objective. At the end of the course, the student must be able to provide care for all patients. There can be multiple unit objectives from this one course objective: The student will be able to diagnose illnesses by recognizing the prevalent symptoms of the disease. Objectives must be written in a measurable format and as you write objectives the nurse finds a way to identify different levels of thinking in education. The educational objectives in Bloom’s taxonomy are divided into three different areas: cognitive, affective, and psychomotor objectives.

The cognitive domain is the knowledge or comprehension area, the affective domain describes the growth in attitudes, and the psychomotor objectives measure the ability of skill development. In developing teaching plans, Bloom’s taxonomy is used to identify what the student must learn to be able to deal with the information. The cognitive levels in the taxonomy run from the lowest level of remembering to the highest level of creating. There are specific action words associated with each level. For beginning nursing students, using the lower levels in unit and course objectives is acceptable; however, for senior-level nursing students or working nurses, the higher levels of analyzing and evaluating are needed.

If the senior-level nurse is to be able to analyze the differences in treatment options for the patient, the objective may be written at the conclusion of this class,  because by then the student will be able to compare the treatment options for the patient.  At the conclusion of this session, the student will be able to discuss signs and symptoms of insulin preparation,” somewhere in the course content there will need to be informed on insulin syringes and how to prepare insulin. In the methods of instruction, there will need to be a demonstration and a return demonstration of learned skills.

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