Research Paper: Maltreatment of children

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Research Paper: Maltreatment of children

Tipp and Buggey (1991) say that about 33 percent people who have abused victims during their childhood become abuser during adulthood. Adults who suffer any type of maltreatment such as sexual abuse, physical abuse, and neglect during their childhood are more likely to be arrested later in their life than adults who were not abused. This happens both for in the cases of juvenile and adult arrests. For certain specific types of crimes, the possibility of arrest is also greater among individuals who were maltreated. Maltreatment of children is also found to be connected with their arrest later in life for drug-related offenses. Figures show that all types of childhood abuses put adults at greater risk for arrest. But a number of writers have emphasized that sexual abuse is the number one cause for turning adults in exhibiting criminal behaviors. In other words, the adults who were sexually abused when they were children are not more likely to become involved with offense compared to other sufferers of physical abuse or neglect.

Analyzing the likelihood that maltreated children will consequently be arrested for sex crimes as adults confirmed the more simple figures on likelihood of arrests. Regarding the abused and neglected children in general, the chances of being arrested for a sex crime were higher than for people who were never abused. Among neglected individuals, the chances were even higher. A breakdown of statistics by type of crime show more complex situation. The dissimilarities among the groups arrested for one particular offense, prostitution, were noteworthy. Because arrest for prostitution is rare, sufferers of childhood sexual abuse are more likely to be blamed with it than are victims of physical abuse. According to statistics, adults who were victims of neglect during their childhood are also at increased risk for prostitution arrests.

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