Research Paper: Concept of factions

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Research Paper: Concept of factions

According to Madison, factions are groups of those people who work only to protect their own political views and special economic interests. However, he says, they always do not seem on the same path and conflict on many occasion. Madison corroborates the position that a government can only control the effects of faction, as opposed to the causes.

Unlike Madison’s concept of factions, Marx and Engels’ concept of the class presented suitable examples to describe stages of society’s evolution. Their impressive idea of the evolutionary process fits their construct. Its examples are not without their limitations, and its way of presenting things for the future are not without their contradictions.

Madison was of the view that in a free society the people who work only for their own political and economic interest cannot be avoided because they are the outcome of different interests and opinions. He argued creation of factions is unavoidable, and the trouble of politics is the trouble of containing factions. According to Held (2006), in Madison’s hands, it led to an admiration that all nations are separated by classes founded on property, motivated by different emotions and visions. “Madison argued for a powerful American state as a safeguard against tyranny and as a means to control ‘the violence of faction’, but it was to be a state organized on ‘representative principles’, with government facing the judgement of all citizens on a regular basis; that is, facing the electoral power of citizens to change their leaders.” (Held 2006)

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