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Research Paper: The relations of genes and shyness

There is a strong link between genetic disposition, environment and shyness. Quantitative genetics have been doing studies on the relations of genes and shyness and found the relationship quite similar. They conducted studies with fraternal and identical twin infants and observed their behavior in both laboratory and their homes. They found out that since the…
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Term Paper: Photo-Therapy Techniques by Counseling Professionals

Photo-therapy techniques use personal photos or client family (and emotions, memories, thoughts and information they evoke) as catalysts of therapeutic communication. In order to nail your term paper and essays, make sure you have the right academic writing services that will suffice all your academic writing needs.

Essay: Basic Concepts of Multicultural Counseling

A very important factor of the transcultural approach is the fact that it does provide some more components, which portray the basic concepts of multicultural counseling. Some of these key concepts in this model are the cultural worldviews, cultural self-awareness, and the cultural values.

Dissertation: Biological Personality Traits

Biological personality traits are consistent in life even when an individual is faced with various life experiences. In one way or another, they influence the personal choice of environmental experiences right from an early age. For instance, a child with temperamental characteristics such as high activity level tends to be jumpy, curious and may explore…
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Term Paper The Disabilities Act

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), an individual with a disability is a person who has a physical or mental impairment(s) that substantially limit his or her life activities. Or one with a history of a substantially limiting impairment(s), or is regarded or perceived by an employer(s) as having a substantially limiting impairment(s).…
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Custom Paper: Bias in Psychological Testing

Bias in Psychological Testing As a professional in psychological testing, there are three major types of bias that I am prone to encounter in my practice. These three are construct bias, method bias and item bias (American Educational Research Association, American Psychological Association & National Council on Measurement in Education, 1999).

Custom Paper: Competence Development

Competence Development It is now evident that multicultural counseling competencies are of utmost importance especially to those people living together and are of a different race, religion or ethnicity. Given that no man is an island, human beings must learn to live together in harmony. We are social beings that have to endorse the multicultural…
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Essay: A Critical Period for Psychiatric Patients

A Critical Period for Psychiatric Patients The period following discharge is a critical period for psychiatric patients. Psychiatric outpatient services were put in place to provide community based follow up for discharged patients and significantly determines the medical outcome of the patient and the probability of readmission.

Custom Paper: How Effective are Anti Depressants

Effective are Anti-Depressants While medication is termed as one of the methods for treating severe depression, many health experts agree that medication plus psychotherapy work well in the treatment of depression. Research studies have shown that only a few people show signs of relief when using medication alone compared to those who undergo therapy while…
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Psychotherapy and Pharmacotherapy for Depression

Psychotherapy and Pharmacotherapy for Depression Both psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy are effective methods of treatments for depression. However, relapse can occur with both methods although psychotherapy tends to lengthen the margin of relapse compared to that of pharmacology.