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The relations between the United States and the Soviets

The relations between the United States and the Soviets The division of Europe was as a result of the different political and economical interests held by the two sides. In 1946, the relations between the United States and the Soviets began to deteriorate (Kramer et al., 2007). The Western Europe nations as well and the…
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Research Paper: Concept of factions

According to Madison, factions are groups of those people who work only to protect their own political views and special economic interests. However, he says, they always do not seem on the same path and conflict on many occasion. Madison corroborates the position that a government can only control the effects of faction, as opposed…
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Essay: The effects of terrorism

 The effect of terrorism on tourism and the economy The world is becoming full of dangers and harmful acts done by people to destroy each and other. Some of these acts are done in the name of religion; others are done in the name of humanity. While any kind of violent activity cannot be justified,…
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Territorial Expansion Of America

After acquiring independence from Britain and becoming an independent country, the territorial expansion of America added to its territory seven times which resulted in two border adjustments that comprised of colonies of the United Kingdom and Spain. This envisaged the handling and settling of several small territorial disputes. This expansion resulted in the acquisition of…
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Custom Paper: Progressivism Emerged as a Political Ideology

The umbrella term ‘progressivism’ emerged as a political ideology whose platform was social, economic and political reformation. This was to be realized through the state as a break from the traditional notions of weak federal government. The emphasis was on the devolution of power into reconstructed state governments.

Custom Paper: The US is a Federal Constitutional Republic

The US is a Federal Constitutional Republic Since its inception following the United States Declaration of Independence, the US remains a federal constitutional republic in which the state governments share sovereignty with the federal government. While drafting America’s constitutional dispensation, Thomas Jefferson along with other founding fathers was very suspicious of a strong central government.

Custom Paper: The Enactment of Fourteenth Amendment

The Enactment of Fourteenth Amendment The enactment of Fourteenth Amendment was a systematic means of granting humanity to the slaves. This amendment insisted that all persons – including the slaves – born on American soil would be automatic citizens of the United States. This was in response to the infamous Dred Scott decision that had…
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Custom Paper: Risks and Benefits Associated with Contracting

Risks and Benefits Associated with Contracting Military contracting requires a risk based approach that evaluates the risks and benefits associated with contracting. Assessing the risks helps to avoid unnecessary risks as well as assess the financial benefits involved. Some of the risks involved with contracting include the influence that the military contractors may have on…
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Research Paper: Kennedy Ordered a Naval Blockade to Cuba

Kennedy Ordered a Naval Blockade to Cuba In response to the Russians, Kennedy ordered a naval blockade to Cuba in an effort to stop any further weapons shipment to the island along with constant monitoring of the situation in Cuba.  He also warned the Soviets of retaliating in case the offensive missiles were launched from…
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Custom Paper: Cuban Missile Crisis

Cuban Missile Crisis Although the missile crisis that followed the failed attack at the Bay of Pigs was eventually resolved, many mistakes occurred from all parties ranging from misconceptions, misjudgments and the lack of communication between leaders. The two countries had been rivals in many aspects and had earlier been involved in many rivalry competitions…
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