Custom Paper: Complex Business Systems

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A lot of the businesses have got complex systems that they use in their operations. Most of these businesses use some of the world’s best systems in order to get things done in a more convenient way. However, these systems usually pose a very big problem especially in the event that the customers do not understand them.
Most of the customers get impatient, confused, and even angry at these systems. It is therefore very important to help the customers understand these systems, taking some time off to explain how the business’ systems work will be very helpful (Spolsky, 2010). It will make it possible to simplify the transactions for the customers and they will appreciate the service better. Offering to help the customers will make them more appreciative of the services that they are receiving. Appreciating the power of “Yes” is a very good element in practicing good customer service (McNair et al, 2001). As a businessman, it is very important to always look for ways in which one can assist the customers. Whenever the customer has got a reasonable request, it is important that the businessman accepts to take in consideration the request. After accepting to do it, one can proceed later on to figure out the ways through which to accomplish the request. Looking for ways to make the conduct of business easier is essential in maintaining good customer relations.

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